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All About...

Hi my name is Heather Glenn, I am a 45 year old transsexual, 6' 2" tall, I won't say how much I weight,

I have blue eyes, and most of the time I have dark brown hair.

I've been dressing in the opposite sex's clothes since I was a wee child! It started one day when I was taking the trash out, there was a bag of my mothers under clothes and a couple of dresses that she had thrown out. When I looked in the bag a seen all of this stuff, and something inside of came alive!

I keep the small stash under my mattress for over 6 mos., until one day it disappeared. I didn't dare ask any one if they had taken it for my room. Then about 2 mos. later I heard screaming from my middle brothers room. My mother had found all of what had been under my bed, now under his, and she was mad as hell at him. He never did tell her where he had gotten it form, probably because he new I would kick his butt. That was all she wrote, I was felt a change deep inside from the moment, I found those things. I wish that I had been born a girl instead of a boy.

For years I thought that there something wrong with me! So I tried allot of manly things to show myself that I was a man and not a woman! I played football, rodeo, and even became a hard core biker for a while, but the feelings never went away. I've been married three times, and I am currently on my third time now. I don't get any help from this current (and last ) wife, as much as I try to inform her, she just doesn't want any thing to do with it! It is very hard on the the relationship, and it may not last, not that I don't love her, it's this women inside keeps taking over and running the other women in my life out!

I work all over the USA, I 'm a government contractor, and my current wife, and I work together 24/7.
This is also makes it hard to be the person I wish to be on the outside, not just the inside!

When I'm not working and at home I live in Portland, OR, a TG friendly town, with lots of places to go out and have a great time.

This is the first attempt at making a web site, I hope that it meets your approval! I would love for you to Fe-mail and let me know what you would like to see here, remember that I am not allow to put nude pictures on this site, plus I don't have any anyway:)

One day I would like to start a web service here so that every one could send me there info and a couple pictures, with there Fe-mail address for the purpose of making new friends and maybe lovers!

If I get enough response, I will probably do just that.